On behalf of GM Advanced Technician Training Center, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the entire Altinno Team for their never ending assistance of our requirements with regards to Multimedia services. It is not easy to work with the very demanding management of the GM ATTC. Nothing will be left to be approved unless every detail in a project has been exhausted and cannot be altered anymore, just to secure the high standards of the GM ATTC. One thing for sure, Altinno has never failed in completing and delivering projects of professional quality. The great leadership of Altinno clearly illustrates what Customer Service is and how important it is to a business. We are able to declare that Altinno is perhaps not always doing what is the correct thing to do for Altinno, but Altinno always do what is the correct thing to do for the customer. Sir Argel Veneracion, thank you for always taking onboard our projects and for your expert advises that you are sharing with us. Sincerely,

Charlene P. Mallari-Intal, Per L. Storskog